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Am I a Dreamer?
So many people dream;
so many dreams that coalesce into the nights sky like a gathering of fireflies.
They swim through the atmosphere to come to a point like a bonfires center.... But in that night so many get lost, and the dreams fade and so too their light.
Too many people dream only to let such fire that burns within them... like internal furnaces that cool down to a less luminance brown dwarf star, until finally the fires are extinguished by its own pressure into a cold barren husk of life of which it once was begotten by.
Am I dreamer? Will I ever know, if my fires are to extinguish or burn truly bright?
Am I afraid to set a lit something that's greater than my own self-worth?
So many people dream;
So to can we fly in the night, with feelings and thoughts so truly bright.
They can shape who we truly are, or help someone else look within.
Greatness is deep when it helps not only themselves but others in flight...
Am I dreamer? Not only here to exist but also to shine?
Am I afraid
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Epiphany in the Dark: You're Twisted
You're Twisted
By B.T. Smith
You twisted your purpose.
Left everything in a downturn.
A world perverse.
(You twisted your purpose.)
A world left full of dirt & ash.
Lives gone or destroyed.
All for your burning greed.
(You twisted your purpose)
Can't you see.
Now we all suffer...
Now we're all slaves.
You twisted your purpose.
You'll burn in your greed.
Beg on your knees.
As death won't come pain free.
In a perverted world,
your purpose long twisted.
Now you're just like those lives taken.
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War of the Roses: The Red Book 'Chapter 1'
War of the Roses:
The Red Book
By: B.T. Smith
‘Chapter 1: Father of Mine’
“If you won’t take the crown outright then you should wait and let them fight it out. Support both sides from the shadows and th-“ the old man gasped for air clutching his chest and shifting in bed to sit up more. “Then… grab the crown for yourself when the moments right.” The old man started into a coughing fit for a minute before the young man in the room turned around to stare down at him.
The old man’s head tweaked at the words and his one eye widened. “What do you mean no?” he said in a raspy losing voice.
“I care not for the crown, it matters not a thing to me but worrying woes. I would rather be rid of it and make safe my sanity, besides the safety of the people is paramount, I would but cause more damage.” The young man messed with his short dark hair.
“You fool the crown…” the old man drew
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Feathers In Space Poem
In the darkness of space.
I will not remain alone.
I will be found.
My Master will return to me.
He has not left me all alone.
What does it matter?
We were only made to be puppets.
He never loved me.
He never loved you, so why should we care?
Whether he ever shows…
You’re so wrong…
He treasured me, he treasured you
Surely you can tell.
Forgotten; long by these people.
Names to hold our own, left them for us from him.
Whether not he comes, doesn’t matter.
In the darkness I toil, for what?
Left in their care only to be used as slaves
Cherished objects,
Still souls never existed in our hands.
Burdens are we filled with.
He left us in his prime, but Master will return…
Let us guide these people to the light.
Master would recall us to share in that peace.
His voice to be heard above the roar of war.
Only in death, may they only understand.
The Void;
Only by betraying their ideals will they know.
Their true image.
Life goes on and the birds sing in the trees.
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Horror Halloween Bash Event Title 2013 :icondaresmithcreations:DareSmithCreations 2 2


Wedding :iconstrawberripaopujuice:StrawberriPaopuJuice 15 0 PC - Maids and butlers Anna :iconyuguremuffin:YugureMuffin 3 4
The Musician And The Mother
We’re two different people, he and I
Both with voices and dreams,
But none we can share
His voice, a gate into a realm of
Creativity and insight
Mine, a tool to encourage and discipline
His dreams are filled with stages and strobe lights
Mine with diapers and play dates
Though our love is strong and faithful
We can’t survive the break of determination
He will one day travel the world,
Screaming into an amplifier until his voice goes numb
I will one day wear a ring, singing lullabies to my darlings
Our bond,
Destined for tragedy
Worthy of Shakespeare's audience,
Will not overcome the hardship of perseverance
Nor the international separation
Of a woman who wants her family
And a man who wants his fan
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Mature content
Depression :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 17 14
EAau - Rainweather Sweet Lolita :iconyuguremuffin:YugureMuffin 5 2 I failed :iconyuguremuffin:YugureMuffin 6 16 See Tomorrow :iconboomerangium:Boomerangium 4 7 Boys and their games :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 16 3 Kiss me :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 21 7
Spring Muse
I saw a tree today
A skinny
Little tree alive with
Vibrant green leaves
The sun
Shining brightly
As always during
An Arizona day
The wind
Rushing through the air
Racing with some unseen
Half of the plant reached
Towards the yellow rays while
The other shied away into
The shade
Afraid of the light
Hiding in the
Depression of the shadows
The leaves
Wilting from the lack of essential nutrients
It seemed to
Cry over hopes long lost
Staring at the crooked tree
I found a mirror in which
Was reflected
Always struggling to
Reach for the good
The hope
The light
Always holding itself back
Into the hopeless
The grave
The darkness
:iconsanguine-beauty:Sanguine-Beauty 1 3
Mature content
IoQ-Felicity Pin-up Lines :iconyuguremuffin:YugureMuffin 2 5
Landscape :iconstrawberripaopujuice:StrawberriPaopuJuice 3 3 Night Before The Legend Begins :iconboomerangium:Boomerangium 5 3 R.I.P. Robin Williams :iconwhitefoxcub:WhiteFoxCub 812 51 Robin Williams Tribute :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 5,586 506 Skyward Strike :iconboomerangium:Boomerangium 12 4




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B.T. Smith
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I am a writer, aspiring to be great and follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and of course to do the best I can after all that's all I can do. I have written over 250,000 words in fiction alone as well as over 278 poems. I have written 55 quotes and have also worked on multiple hobby video games. As for whats in the works: a Gamer Site that I am apart of (ONSGaming) that takes a lot of my time (40 hours a week), several stories, short or series length, as well as I have a Writing blog (DSC) that sees stuff very infrequent sadly, and other stuff too.

Creativity & Imagination is my greatest tool, weapon, and magically enchanted panda rock.
Ello dear Watchers, B.T. here just kinda been gone, a lot has been happening since the last time I was on, some good, some bad. So just wanted to let you know I am alive.
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